Medicine field is an ever-expanding sphere with newer knowledge and information which requires effective communication to various audiences, e.g. physicians, patients, caretakers, etc. An integral part of the medical field, medical writing deals with the compilation and communication of the information exclusively within the healthcare domain  


Scientific Publication

Accurate and articulate development of scientific manuscript is as important as the scientific trial itself for it represents the sole evidence of a successful trial. Apart from avoiding plagiarism, we master in the art of documenting the trial in accordance with the concerned peer‐reviewed journal specifications to provide you an error free and scientifically sound research article

Medical Communication

The core services upon which our enterprise is built, medical communication services is our bastion. We are well versed with medical communication products such as Leave Behind Literature (LBL), Product Monographs, Patient Information Leaflets, Academic Textbook Writing, Slide Decks for Seminars, 2-page brochures, 4-page brochures, Guideline Writing, Drug Comparison, etc

Blog Writing

Educating and creating awareness of the recent updated or a newly introduced product or service is the primary rationale in the development of a blog. Nevertheless, the post can produced which could be informative, conversational or even sales driven and promotional. Whatever it be may, our audience oriented blogs are sure to create ripples of impact in reader’s minds.


Emailers and newsletters are usually issued to announce the launch of any new product, service, or a symposium. So when it comes to newsletter-writing, along with perfecting the medical information delivering within the estimated time frame is also an important asset. Stay connected with your contacts and grow your online audience with our message retention aimed newsletter-writing.

Patient Education

A different writing style altogether, patients education writing demands the usage of different sources altogether. Transitioning back and forth from scientific writing and patient education writing, our seasoned writers know when and where to tone down the medical jargon, ensuring a smooth flow to make the common folk connect the dots thus targeting them towards the message.


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Deep Research Analysis

We delve deeper and look beyond the horizon for information to formulate strategies that define our writings

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Plagiarism Free Content

Advocating a “Pure is Rare” concept, we pride ourselves in equipping you a plagiarism-free content

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 Equipped with adaptability and malleability, we can take up any project and make a success

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Reader Friendly Output

 Imbibed with the concept of Reader first”, we have written different formats for different kinds of reader pool

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The organized workflow supervised by our project managers results in the deliverance of the projects well within the deadline


Apprehension of an idea and implantation of the same in the minds of the reader, though closely related, are not all the same. Excellence at both of the realms, is the primary precedent of a successful medical writer. Taking bearings from this compass, Posinditers, apart from their proficiency in English and meticulous with the concepts, are quick to grasp and conscious of what they compose
Our personnel is inbibed with an in-depth scientific acumen which provides the exact insight and approach to complete the projects we undertake

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