Educating and creating awareness of the recently updated or a newly introduced product or service is the primary rationale in the development of a blog. Nevertheless, the post could be informative, conversational or even sales driven, and promotional. Whatever it be may, our audience-oriented blogs are sure to create ripples of impact in the readers’ minds.

“The problem was too much information. The population was being inundated with conflicting versions of increasingly complex events. People were giving up on understanding anything. The glut of information was dulling awareness, not aiding it. Overload. 

It encouraged passivity, not involvement.”

― Jerry Mander,

Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television

Since the inception of the dot com era, a virtual world was born. With growing sites on the internet, there had been an increase in the posting of articles thus enabling the user/reader to obtain information about various topics. Slowly and slowly due to the lack of regulations and the growth of the internet, along with the authentic information, misinformation about various topics also increased. Gradually the pollution of misinformation spread to the medical field. There have been various peer-reviewed scientific articles that describe various medical articles compiled by non-medical personnel swimming in the internet. Currently, in these days of information explosion, there is a severe dearth of genuine and authentic information about health and wellbeing. 

Posindite precisely tries to fill in the lacunae. Emerging from the very medical background, we pose a bridge between the doctor and the patients. We at Posindite also write medical blogs that would be posted into blogs unless it would be attested by the doctor/client thus not only providing the patients with authentic medical information but also highlighting the specialty of the doctor/client and the hospital. Dedicated medical blogs help in maintaining a footprint in the virtual world which is as important as running a successful clinic or a hospital.