Emailers and newsletters are usually issued to announce the launch of any new product, service, or a symposium. So when it comes to newsletter-writing, along with perfecting the medical information, delivering within the estimated time frame is also an important asset. Stay connected with your contacts and grow your online audience with our message retention aimed newsletter-writing.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) is one of the crucial aspects which takes up the major share in extending the longevity of any doctor’s practice. As an ever-increasing abyss, medical research yields newer medical discoveries, novel therapies, and procedures that must be in the addendum of every doctors’ inventory. However, the Indian patient-doctor ratio combined with the doctors’ busy schedule, the medical fraternity seldom has any time to follow through the newer medical discussions, novel innovations, and procedures.

The newsletter posses as the perfect solution in delivering the information to the targeted audience. Originating from the very medical field, we from Posindite filter and provide only the important and the necessary information to the medical fraternity so that they can continue their noble services of treating patients while spending minimal time frame to get updated of the recent medical innovations.

Neither too large nor too small, our segregation at each topic would be brief enough that it can be read and understood without taking much of the healthcare provider’s time nevertheless retaining all the scientific information within it. That being said, the newsletters are entirely customizable with their pages usually ranging from two to twelve. The addition of charts and graphs provides an advantage i.e. making the imbibing of the information engaging as well as easier. 

With such practical estimations, the clients can be assured that the information which is presented can be retained for a longer period of time. Emailers are another set of options for communication. Presenting the information in a very brief way, the emailers apart from being utilized as a means of communication can also pose a virtual reminder depending on the context of the product or the event.  Although there are better chances for the predisposition of emailers, newsletters and emailers are both the protagonists in their own cases and contexts